Simplify or Be Downsized?

The followings ‘Steps’ are from a site I look at frequently, and is posted on the Resources Page.  The ‘Steps’ sound simple enough, but you’ll see my kvetching comments in italics, and maybe be reminded to ‘read between the lines’.  Naturally, this advice will also sound a bit different depending on whether you are ‘The Parent’ or the ‘Child’.  Here goes.

Six Steps To Organizing Your Parents Move – from By Lisa Trotter, Sr Contributing Editor.

1)Get The Whole Family On Board.  I don’t know about you, but my family consists of me, my husband, two adult children who live 9 – 12 hrs away, and a few assorted siblings and half-siblings.  How many of your family are going to get  excited about this project?

2) Work Slowly When Packing – think months not days.  Oy Vay!  I may be retired already but who asked for a few months vacation cleaning out my Parent’s place with 50 yrs of stuff stuffed everywhere?  And if I’m still working….Family Medical Leave, or not, who can afford this kind of time.  Our families are spread all over the globe.

3) Get Real About The Size Of Your ‘older’ Relatives’ Space.  Uh Oh… Who picked out the new ‘space’?  

4) Work Room By Room When Organizing THE Move.  So why is the ‘older’ relative not doing the organizing? Could it be?  The ‘older’ relative is no longer able? Hmmmmm…

5) Accept Your Relatives Choices Of What To Keep? and how much room did you say there was in this place? 

6) When All Else Fails, Move First and Purge Later.  Sounds Like War has been declared, or I’ve been hauled out of there; no more control; increasing frailty….


1) Do your downsizing before someone else has to do it for you.  Stop accumulating STUFF; simplify so you may live each day instead of fretting, and you won’t have to leave a burdensome job for someone else.  You’ll be free-er to work on the important stuff.  Do the work now so you’re not leaving more than necessary behind, later. Smile

That’s it.  Baby Boomers