Where Were You When You Heard The News – Election 11/2016 – Enter The Bardo

For at least half of the voting citizens of the U.S.

what followed upon hearing the news was shock, then numbness and disorientation. Slowly, it seemed, brave souls started reaching out, testing the wires, raising small flags of commiseration hoping for some salutes. Tentative words of encouragement advanced to lackluster listeners, sort of like at a funeral. Pundits and Platitudes prohibited.

Welcome To Our Collective Bardo

A place where life as one knows it has ended and the next has not yet begun.  Like the space between knowing you’re dying and death. A Bardo is a place and time of transition, ala ‘go in a caterpillar, come out a moth’.  One may appreciate the disorientation and numbness while futilely trying to find something to grab onto, to stop the change.

A special beauty of a Bardo is that it’s a time and place of Sanctuary to figure out how to navigate through the next big

via Shutterstock.com

via Shutterstock.com

adventure.  It’s a time for ruthlessly dispassionate reflection on that which led up to this event. It’s a time for extreme mindfulness – being acutely aware of what’s happening. on the inside, as well as the outside.  Resist temptations to latch onto claims, passions, threats, fears, and promises of simple solutions which pollute the sanctuary in which skillful discernment takes place.

Most of all A Bardo is a place and time to ask questions – mostly of myself 

Maybe to the tune of, Am I really willing to try to see the world view of those who voted differently than me?

It doesn’t matter which ‘more than half’ side you voted with, there’s a more than zero chance that our divisions are about our ‘perceived rights’ competing with others.  Posted on our FaceBook page is a newly minted TED TALK “Can A Divided America Heal?”   Watching the whole 20 minutes may push some buttons but, hey, after all the political ‘rhetoric’ of the last years it could be refreshing to notice the truth about how we each feel, in the Sanctuary of this Bardo.

The Big Difference Between This Bardo and the Bardo of Death

Is that we know the inaugural date of the end of this sanctuary.  And then the next scene opens.  Will we be having respectful, inclusive discourse addressing all our competing needs, rights, and wants?   The ripples of our actions are wide-reaching and it would be really fine if the U.S. was of the ranks of the Good Examples rather than the Horrible Warnings.