How Much Time Is Enough?

Yesterday, I got the news that a very dear friend had suddenly died.

Colin Reed

He was married to one of my best friends…needless to say this was a shock. What can anyone say? The words seem so empty and meaningless…and I’m not that good at expressing what I feel anyway (at least not in person, and not when being so totally unprepared). So, as my mind tried to grasp this, the words began to form, and this is for my friends.


How much time is enough… To meet someone, To know someone, To love someone


How much time is enough…With a parent, With a spouse or lover, With a friend


How much time is enough…To search through the millions, Then two become one, And suddenly, to be only half


How much time is enough…To hold a hand, To hold a heart, To hold a life


How much time is enough…To feel completely helpless, To silently scream…and scream again, To cry for a moment, to smile at a memory, and cry some more


How much time is enough…For the grief to lessen, For the heart to start healing, For one’s life to begin to feel somewhat meaningful, when all meaning is lost


How much time is enough…To renew the faith, To renew the heart, To renew the soul
How much time is enough…To say I love you, To say I miss you, To say I need you here, and hope that a God somewhere is listening


How much time is enough…I don’t know…Maybe never enough
(Shared from one of the softest hearts ever. Thank You, David.)