And The Dalai Lama Shed a Tear

Hapbsburg Trellis



I’m going to post two articles. One is from the Opinion Pages of the NYTimes, the other an article from The New Yorker Magazine 2004.  Each of these articles talks about some of the things we talk about here.  In fact, the second article is the source from which I first read about the Egyptian myth of weighing each heart against a feather and “only the lighthearted were deemed advanced enough to merit immortality”.

In this first one may I encourage you to keep reading in spite of, possibly, reluctant feelings.  It’s title?  and link:  “The Value of Suffering”  – please don’t run away, you may be surprised.  The second article I’ll post down the road a bit.  How about some comments/feedback?  I plan to post 2/wk,  and I hope I can do it.  Wink  Enjoy!

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