Assessing the Costs of Caring for an Aging Relative –

Along with the article linked below I’m putting in a plug for a terrific novel that doesn’t just tell about the cost of Illness Care, it engages.  “So much For That” by Lionel Shriver  involves the reader in the complicated lives of two families as they navigate the mistical maze of managing major health issues.  To do so with some lightheartedness and humor is truly an art.

The article below gives enough nitty gritty costs to sober anyone out of thinking they ‘have it covered’.  It’s extremely important information to consider, whether you’re a recipient of care or a caregiver.  And all too often the costs creep up on us like kudzo smothering an abandoned house.  Lionel Shriver tells it much better than I can – hope you find the book!  I definitely enjoyed the reading.

Assessing the Costs of Caring for an Aging Relative –              

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