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One of the absolutely magical things about the Internet, for me anyway, is that it let’s us see as far as eyes can see, and learn about everything.  But herein lies the irony.  We have to know how to use the magic.  It’s not really magic, it’s just making good choices among millions.  These are a few websites I think are worth the time. ‘The Order of the Good Death’ actually startled me when I first found it. It is tremendously artistic, and the characters behind the voices are so very thrillingly different from me.

The Order of the Good Death



A non-profit “committed to helping people talk about, make decisions, and plan for the end of their lives”.  A whole section on Practical Matters, people’s stories, and a very good Blog.  It’s a good thing to see different perspectives and hear the same thing from many different voices.


Caring Info.org  and Caring Connections

Very, very well-endowed web site.  Comprehensive yet super-accessible.  A ot of information about illnesses & conditions, Caregiving issues, etc.


And via a dear friend:  “Tear Soup: A Recipe For Healing After Loss”  at GriefWatch.com

This is definitely Comfort Food, or as my Grand Daughter says “There’s food for the body and there’s food for the soul”.


I hope you all have good adventures visiting these places and, who knows what will happen on an adventure?




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