The Lightness Of Becoming Un-Being

The Lightness Of Becoming Un-Being

November 4, 2016

When the Masks We Hide Behind Dissolve       masks

With serious illness one is quickly stripped naked for all to see. The different masks we hide behind dissolve. All I identified with as my self was breaking up and dispersing. I was experiencing the truth of the Buddha’s teachings of impermanence firsthand. I had been robbed of my cherished health in a matter of a couple short weeks. My good reputation at the company I worked for meant nothing now. Decades of eating well, exercising, doing yoga, conscientious work habits, daily meditation, all were gone. Here I lay, very thin, applying for a disability pension, and unable even to sit up in bed. I had no guarantee of a future, my past identity had been eradicated, and the present was demanding one hundred percent of my attention. However grim that sounds, I was now free. Free from myself. Free from that drive for perfection. Free from attachments to ideas of who and what I was or should be. The slate had been wiped clean. The leukemia had forced me to live in the present, here and now. This is the way of Zen: the ever changing entity called “myself” responding fully to conditions of the moment, flowing from one thing to the next.

Excerpted from: Lotus in the Fire: The Healing Power of Zen by Jim Bedard, page 59.  From  “Zen Qoute Of The Week.  Thank You.




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